Introducing Bazil by Vendita Ai – Your Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Search Tool!

Unlock the power of data with Bazil, Vendita Ai’s proprietary Ai-powered commercial real estate search tool. Bazil scours property data from every county’s property appraiser sites across the United States, providing you with comprehensive and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Finding the Perfect Property

With Bazil, finding the perfect property for your clients has never been easier. Whether it's retail, office space, industrial, or any other asset class, Bazil has you covered.

Bazil’s Advanced Mapping

But that's not all! Bazil's advanced mapping feature takes your property search to the next level. By layering traffic lights within the mapping feature, Bazil helps you pinpoint the perfect location for your client's needs. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to efficiency and precision.

Future of CRE Searches

Experience the future of commercial real estate searches with Bazil by Vendita Ai. Try it now and see the difference!